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Fun Science Gallery It explains how to do fun scientific experiments and make instruments (microscopes, telescopes, experiments in electrochemistry, analysis of texts, etc.). It is a page devoted to the amateur scientist, useful also to teachers and students.

National Centre for Biotechnology Education
The National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE) runs practical courses for teachers, develops practical kits for the classroom (e.g. DNA electrophoresis kits), has booklets of practical activities for the classroom (Website includes free downloads).

Science and Plants for Schools

SAPS - Science and Plants for schools
Science and Plants for schools works with teachers to develop new resources and to promote and support exciting teaching of plant science and molecular biology in schools and colleges. SAPS publishes simple protocols for plants and genetics and has developed low-cost kits for practical investigations. Practical workshops are run for teachers all over Britain.

We aim to interest young people in plants and in molecular biology. SAPS publishes simple protocols for investigating various aspects of plant science including germination, growth, tropisms, photosynthesis, tissue culture, reproduction and genetics.  SAPS home page.  Protocols for Biology Experiments  other protocols

Cell Biology Laboratory Manual Experiments in cellular biology and links to cellular biology.


Microscopy-UK   an informal group of artists, writers, enthusiast microscopists, and computer techies working together from different countries for free. We dedicate our skills towards promoting the study of the very small world around us - the microscopic world. In this site there is a lot of interesting articles and experiments on microscopy.

Gottschling Lab Experiments in yeast and bacteria.

Neuroscience for Kids  Experiments and Activities about the Nervous System

Science hobbyist  and Amateur Science Large collection of articles, links, discussions, and other resources for science amateurs, teachers, students with science fair projects, electronics thinkers, and home-schooling parents. Physical science presented with humor and enthusiasm. Check out kids' projects, the physics and Tesla coil sections, the Cool Science collection, then twist your brain on "Weird Science."

Society for Amateur Scientists   Our aim is to get everyone involved in stimulating projects on the front lines of science regardless of age, ethnicity or background.

Cambridge Physics Outlet   Manufacturer and producer of hands-on 
equipment and curriculums for teaching math, science and technology from grades 4-12 and beyond.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute   Articles on biology and cardiology (Holydays Lectures), demonstrations and virtual laboratory (Interactive Web), resources, reviews, museums (Science Links), answers about biology (Ask a Biologist). 

Online Experiments  Experiments you can do right now, right where you are...

Lacte   Classroom Demos.

Newton's APPLE  A Lot of Science Experiments and Demonstrations.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab  Source of free science experiments for parents, teachers, and children of all ages.

Science Resource Center Demonstrations and Laboratory Investigations in Chemistry and Biology.  
Chemistry Experiments you can do at Home.

Energy Quest  Energy and Science Projects.  The Hands-On Technology Program.

U.S. Department of Education  Program for the improvement of practice.

Kansas City Museum  Cool experiments.

Le Site Web de Didier Pol  A site devoted to 
development of practical scientific activities for teaching life and of earth sciences (in French and English).

Manipulations en Microbiologie et Immunologie   Experiments with microorganisms (in French).

Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre Experiments in biology and geology. (In French).

Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre, Ac. de Lyon. Experiments in biology, ecology, geology (in French).

Access Excellence  Archive of  favorite classroom activities in biology and life sciences.

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Volcano World Building Volcano Models.

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Red Rock Energy Solar Power Heliostat Arrays.
Alternative energy systems for the home or small property owner.

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Pfizer FunZone.
Making Science Fun. Experiments and Facilities for Schools.

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Almost 800 lesson plans available in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics.

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The Science Learning Center   Learn more about science, microscopy, biology, chemistry, electronics,   photography, and much more. is your science learning center.

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The Butterfly WebSite Butterfly Raising & Farming Information

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The Exploratorium Science Snacks  miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.

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Hands on Plastics   Lesson Plans and Background Information on Plastics for Teachers.

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The Bell Jar Vacuum technology for the educator and hobbyist.
Ever dreamed about building an x-ray tube? Or coating your own telescope mirror? Maybe even constructing an electron microscope? Perhaps you are a high school science teacher who would like to introduce simple yet interesting electron, ion and plasma physics experiments and demonstrations into your classroom. People the world over are involved in projects like these and the common thread is the use of vacuum technology. the Bell Jar is the resource that you need to join this network of hobbyists, students and educators.

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Science Connection Science Outreach by Faculty and Students at The University of Arizona.  Home Page

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National Academy Press  
Resources for Teaching Middle School Science (choose an argument and click on "Title List")

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Education to Home Portal  Science Experiments

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University of Tulsa   Teaching Chemistry to Middle School Students

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National Wildlife Federation   Environmental Education

pals.gif (1839 byte)  Performance Assessment Links in Science   Grades K-4 Performance Tasks  Grades 5-8 Performance Tasks  Grades 9-12 Performance Tasks

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Minnetonka Elementary Science Center

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Ed   Lesson Plans - Worksheets - Teacher's Lesson Plans - WebQuests - Primary Teacher Resources - Math Lesson Plans - Writing Lesson Plans - Reading Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plans - Technology Lesson Plans - Social Studies Lesson Plans - ...

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Magnet Man  Cool Experiments with Magnets

Science Playwiths   It started as a set of small experiments, simple everyday science, selected from a number of sources to demonstrate some techniques of quick and dirty assembly to K-6 teachers, but it grew to cover K-12 topics -- and almost all of it can be done at home.   Science Fair and Project Ideas.

Science Pour Tous   Science Pour Tous. Mainly astronomy and lasers (in French).
La théorie, c'est lorsqu'on sait tout mais que rien ne marche. La pratique, c'est lorsque tout marche mais que l'on ne sait pas pourquoi. Ici, nous faisons un subtil mariage de la théorie et de la pratique : rien ne marche et on ne sait pas pourquoi.

Genetic Science Learning Center

Genetic Science Learning Center of University of Utah Helping people understand how genetics affects our lives and society. Also experiments in biology and in genetics. For the Science fair & research project experiments click on "Students and Teens". 

Professional Development
Recipes: Solutions and Materials  At times, teachers may wish to make their own materials rather than purchase them. This section tells how to make certain materials.
Science Equipment  Some hand-made instruments
Science Fair Handbook
Research Articles  Practical advice for educators.

The Science House

The Science House

The Science House is a learning outreach program of North Carolina State University. The mission of the Science House is to work with K-12 teachers to emphasize the use of hands on learning activities in science and mathematics.

Lab Dad's Laboratories Lab Dad's Laboratory The purpose of this page is to provide laboratory experiments for young people to do at home, as well as a reference for science teachers. Most of the labs are intended for grades 7-12, but many can easily be done by younger scientists. They covers may subject areas.

Toiletries Listservice

Toiletries Listservice

Toiletries is an e-mail list/discussion group considering various aspects of Making your own Lotions, Cremes, Soaps, Personal Care Products, and related subjects.

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Tianguis de Fisica  Colección de experimentos de diversos temas de física de interés para niños y jóvenes de nivel escolar medio (in Spanish).
Le Site des Microscopistes de Langue Française. The Site of Microscopists of French Language.
A lot of very interesting articles with laboratory activities.  The Science Toy Maker. You have found the non-commercial site for people who like to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious, toys that entice scientific investigation.

Carolina World-class support for science and math.
A lot of products, experiments and information.  Super Science Fair Projects. Complete Guide to Science Fair Projects, Topics and Experiments

La Main à la Pâte  Le site est destiné à aider enseignants, formateurs, scientifiques et institutionnels à mettre en place un enseignement des sciences de qualité à l’école primaire. Vous y trouverez des activités de classe, des documents scientifiques ou pédagogiques, des outils d’échange et de travail collaboratif, et bien d’autres choses encore...

LEVITRON  Comment fabriquer une tupie volante avec quelques aut parleur de récupération.
How to build a flying top with some recovered loudspeakers.

Makezine  The magazine of people who like building things with their own hands.  A collection of hundreds of DIY projects. (archive)

ODD BUILDERS A lot of projects for making musical instruments and other experiments. a magnificent website on one of the marvels of the nature.
This site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes -- what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literally, out of thin air.

SCIENCE-LESSONS.CA  Elementary Science Games for Teachers (weather and other topics).

Education@Life and LIFElab is the education resource centre based at Newcastle's Centre for life, which provides hands-on experiments and a range of workshops for all key stages and post-16 learners including "DNA Discovery", "DNA Photocopying", "Transformer" and "DNA Fingerprinting".

Centre for Bioscience
Learning and Teaching Support Network Centre for Bioscience. Is a national network of 24 subject centres distributed at universities around the United Kingdom and a Generic Centre, based at the network headquarters in York. The Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Centre for Bioscience, based at the University of Leeds, is the subject centre for the life, food and agricultural sciences.

Bizarre Stuff you can make in your kitchen

This site is a museum of classic home science projects. It is not so much meant to be "how to" or educational, but more of a celebration of early to mid 20th century home experimentation and pop science illustration. Please read the FAQ to learn more about the philosophy behind it.



School Room Library: Science Fair Projects. An article very well made on the Science Fair Projects.

Science Buddies Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? In need of fun, at-home science experiments? Science Buddies has over 1,000 Project Ideas in all areas of science.

Making Science Fun

"On the education side, Steve Spangler is nationally known as a teacher's teacher who shares his passion for learning in the classroom, on the platform, and through the airwaves. Over the last 15 years, Steve has made over 500 television appearances as an authority on hands-on science and inquiry-based learning.


Great Science Project Ideas for all the Family... It contains over 70 articles for science projects in biology, chemistry, physics, maths, and environment & meteorology. They are written by our experts who continually update and add new content.

Warts Information Center
A lot of websites offering hands-on science projects. Exploring the amazing world of science with fun, hands-on projects is a smart way to make learning more meaningful and let students work at their own pace.

Plant Histology

A lot of articles, pictures, methods and observations with the microscope on vegetables and algae.

Protozoa and all I know about it!!!

Toys from Trash

The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it !
Gleam in the Eye




Using a search engine, look for: "volunteer conservation", "environmental protection", "students science activities", etc. The World Conservation Union comprises 900 member institutes and organizations concerned with environmental issues all over the globe.  Biodiversity Conservation Information System   USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force (DAPTF)   North American Amphibian Monitoring Program   Canadian Nature Federation, interesting activities for volunteers and students

SITES OFFERING FACILITIES   Pfizer Education Initiative (PEI). As a research-based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer offers its knowledge and resources to help improve science and math training and opportunities. Participating schools benefit in a variety of ways, including teacher training, sponsored science education programs, materials, and lab resources, as well as financial assistance. Start your visit here:


American Science and Surplus
Arbor Scientific    Innovation in Science Education
Carolina World-class support for science and math
Cole-Parmer   Instruments for biology and research
Digi Key   Electronic components
Precision Optics from Edmund Optics   A broad selection of optical products and services.
Educational Innovations 
Radio Shack   Electronic parts  Science Education and Laboratory Equipment 
Science Stuff   Supplier of science products and lab equipment Kids Educational Software For Preschoolers to help enhance their pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination. A source for thousands of fun educational products relating to science, math, and art. Home Science Tools has all the supplies you need for doing science at home: find affordable chemistry kits, microscopes, science fair equipment, and much more. is a free service that delivers eco-friendly, green living information, interactive for anyone who visits our site. We try to offer the best Green Living tools and resources to help anyone save our Planet from e-waste and pollution. Our mission: To be your one-stop destination for Green Living Information!

OTHER GREAT SCIENCE SITES   A magnificent treatise on Microscopy   How a microscope is made    Pictures and movies on organisms which live in ponds    Online Biology Book Access Excellence: a place in cyberspace for biology teaching and learning  Materials Science, Metallurgy, Steelmaking, Ceramics, Welding, Heat Treatments  Resources on microscopy from Oklahoma Microscopy Society  Microscopy-UK, Amateur Microscopy Home Page   Pond organisms, Protists, Microscopy  Genetics and Genomes  SETI, astronomy, space, science    Powers of Ten (from galaxies to elementary particles)  A pictorial account of the human embryo development.  The Worldwatch Institute   The Science Guy's Nye Labs Online   Portrait of an Atom   Inventors and Inventions  ED HELPER: Lesson Plans - Worksheets - Teacher's Lesson Plans - WebQuests - Primary Teacher Resources - Math Lesson Plans -
Writing Lesson Plans - Reading Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plans - Technology Lesson Plans - Social Studies Lesson Plans - ...  700 colorized electron micrographs of diversified biological subjects from my black and white stock images.   How stuff works, weather, history, geography, animals, holidays and much more.   Satellite tracking. Sky graphics generated in real-time and customized for your location and time zone.***  Sky Watch is your astronomical alarm clock that will keep you informed about what's going on in the sky.  
HyperPhysics. The physics explained with many diagrams.***  Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than fifty quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, motion stock video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery. NEW

HANDS-ON SCIENCE MUSEUMS Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide
Using a search engine look for: "hands-on museums"

Look to our page of  SCIENCE NEWS  Science and Industry News  availability and price for around 2 million books at online stores and student book exchanges. Compare textbook prices on new and used college textbooks. Use the bookbag to compare prices on all of your books at once. Sell textbooks with our textbook buyback service. Art School Search offers valuable information on art schools nationwide.  World Science. News on Science.  How To Build Your Own Radio Telescope (a book).  Mad Science Experiments.


with a search engine, look for:
"science experiments", "hands-on science", "microscope construction", (or "whatever construction")   Selected Microscopy Resources for K-12 Education   A guide to Internet microscopy resources  Resources on microscopy from Oklahoma Microscopy Society  Cells and microscopy   Microscopy Links (K-12 Education)    Learn more about Microscopy    EMCC Biology Internet Resources   Resources for biotechnology education around the world.  Many pages of science links  Articles, experiments, exhibits, museums, home schooling  Links to experiments and other resources Amateur Science WWW Sites Abstracts and tallies, web resources in Usenet Netnews  Life Sciences   Other Sites on the Web on Biology  The Butterfly Station. Mathematical shapes and fractals   In-Service Workshops on the Use of the Internet for Enhancing Mathematics and Science Teaching in Missouri   99 Workshop Results   98 Workshop Results   97 Workshop Results   96 Workshop Results  Color & Light--Teacher Resources  free interactive 3D Eye Anatomy animation Periodic table and more!  Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science Resources   General chemistry, questions and answers  Science and chemistry resources  Chemistry and science Guide to Online Schools, Chemistry Teaching Resources   Chemistry teaching resources   Links to Chemistry Experiments. Demonstrations  Described links to experiments  Robohoo! contains links to Companies, Competitions, Organizations, Books, Software, Hardware, Research Labs, Tutorials, and almost anything related to Robotics. A Special Relativity Simulator.   Visit other science web sites (Pfizer)  Physics Fun  Kids' Do-it-yourself Science   Physik Interaktiv Freihand - Experimente (German)   Multimedia Physik (German) very good website for science resources *** NEW  Web pages to help physics students  Science projects and other  Science web sites  Lesson plans and activities (and more)  Biology Net Links  Links to biology, biotechnology and other science teaching resources  Biology (in French)  Museums, reviews, science resources  Chemistry, biology, biochemistry  General science links  Surf Sites for Cyber Biologists  Links to science & technology web Sites  Science education  Astronomy, biology, chemistry, environment, science, etc.   The complete index of Scientific American's famous column for science enthusiasts-- "The Amateur Scientist".  Science education, science centers and organizations  NASA's education program  SETI, astronomy, space, science   Butterfly sites  A searchable collection of over 141,000 Research Quality URLs for schools and education  PSIGATE (Physical Sciences Information Gateway), a free online catalogue of high quality Internet resources in the physical sciences.  Lesson Planet  Over 30,000 Lesson Plans, Teacher Tools and More!  Learn about color, optical illusions, observations from nature and fascinating facts about how cars roll up hill and why dogs chase cars. There are several Project Legal (TIPS) lessons included regarding copyright and censorship issues and a Newton Timeline.  Combinatorial Chemistry   General math and science,  physical science,  life science Science and other topics  General science and physics  Science  Science resources^Science/index.html  Natural Sciences Teaching Resources  Science Education Sites  Science, technology, astronomy  Suggested links for simple experiments  Stereoscopy  Stereoscopy  Science Experiments   Science Experiments  Biology  Terrariums, microenvironments, ecosystems, mini-worlds  Forestry, chemistry, etc.  Chemistry Resources  Starting point for the molecular modeling  SETI and astronomy  Astronomy and science  Educational expeditions and more  Online conversions between different metrics of length, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, frequency and more. NEW  Computer Vision, Neural Networks, 3D  Camera Obscura Rooms  Educational resources  Science & technology room links for physics  Education on science Science on the Internet  Science  Science and teaching page Resources on biology, chemistry, geology, environment, physics  Ciencia y tecnología en el mundo  Science Education Source  Educational Online Sources  Biology and molecular biology  Discovery Channel School, videos and more   FutureWatch is a radio and television program, now on-line  Science activities  Links to learning science  Toys to teach physics and chemistry   Welcome to the beauty of crystals!   Lesson plans for teaching about invention, inventors and inventing  Cooking Schools in Chicago. Chicago is one of America's great restaurant towns. So, it makes it a great place to study cuisine.  An online higher education portal to obtain Online Degrees  A selection of science experiments Resources for students  It's Science Fair Time  Some links for students  Science  Fun Science Links  UK Amateur Radio Quick Links  Search Physics Around the World  Science Web Sites  Exclusive Chemistry  World's Leading Physics Homework Help Service Made for students. Students helping students.  College Degrees Search provides access to the best colleges and information on college degrees offered. Badphysics - Prompted by and dedicated to all those who know so little about physics.

SCIENCE FAIRS   Science Fair Idea Exchange, other science fair sites  K-12 science education web sites   So, You're Going To Have a Science Fair! Suggested Bibliography   Science Fairs, list of the fairs   Science Fairs Homepage   Virtual Science Fair   National Student Research Center  Science Net--Experiments & Science Fair Projects   Science Fair Projects at the Library   Help with Science Fair Projects, Lists of science fair project ideas   Science Fairs and Science Projects   Science Fair Information  Top Science Fair Projects

with a search engine, look for: "science fairs", "science fairs projects", "science projects", "science experiments"


with a search engine, look for: "ask a scientist", "ask a biologist", "ask a whomever"

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