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Un Microscope à Sphère de Verre Mis à jour le 30 décembre 2010
Dans cet article, j'aborde la construction d'un microscope simple dont l'optique est constituée d’une seule lentille : une petite bille de verre. Bien que sa fabrication soit assez facile, cet appareil permet d’obtenir un grossissement de 300 fois et donne des images très nettes.

A Stereoscopic Microscope (en)
A stereoscopic microscope is a very important tool for the naturalist. It allows the naturalist to see insects, flowers, and minerals in 3-D. With this project you will be able to make a high quality stereoscopic microscope with your own hands and little expenditure.

Les Cellules du Sang
Que circule-t-il dans nos veines? À l'aide d'un microscope et d’un colorant, il est possible d'observer les cellules sanguines et d'apprendre à les reconnaître. Cet article décrit aussi le rôle de ces cellules dans notre organisme.

A One-Dollar Compound Microscope (en)
One most certainly cannot say that building this microscope is too expensive. And the good thing about this project is that it’s not even that difficult. This article discusses an authentic compound microscope, a tool that will allow you to carry out interesting observations of nature. This project also allows you the possibility of improving upon the initial microscope, equipping it with a focusing system and high quality optics and experimenting with new solutions. If you enjoy building scientific instruments, this project is for you!

Let's Build a Stereo-Zoom Microscope (en)
A stereo-zoom microscope is an instrument equipped with continual variation of magnification. Have you ever viewed such a thing? With this microscope, you will be able to zoom into a flower, exactly like bees do when looking for nectar. Would you have ever imagined that it would be possible to build this type of instrument with your own hands? No? And yet, here is the project in full! The article discusses a stereoscopic microscope which uses a simple camera zoom lens for its objective.

High-Magnification Stereoscopy (en)
Do you have a microscope? Have you never managed to experience the 3-D vision one enjoys with a stereoscopic microscope? Having 3-D vision while observing protists allows you to follow their movement even in terms of depth. Not only that, but you will be able to examine and appreciate the volume and arrangement of their internal organs. Moreover, you will be able to keep these microscopic living creatures in focus while they change altitudes. All in all, passing from two to three dimensions is like allowing a comic-strip character to become flesh and blood and having him/her walk on the newspaper: it’s a huge leap in quality! Something analogous to this scenario is exactly what we can accomplish with our microscope. Up until now, our microscopes have shown us microorganisms living in a flat world. From now on, it is possible to see that world in three exciting dimensions. All this can be obtained with some simple modifications to your microscope.

In this section, we discuss Protists, microorganisms which live in well and pond water. “Protist Park” discusses these living creatures which, though unknown to most people, are a continuous source of wonder to those who do observe them for their variety of forms and their habits. Here you will find an Introduction to Protists, a Display of These Bizarre Creatures, and an Account of the Trip taken to the Kingdom of Protoctista by a group of courageous tourists. Along with them, you will be able to observe numerous authentic images and films of the aliens which inhabit this parallel dimension.

Shots from a Microscope (en)
Seen through a microscope, nature reveals enchanting and spectacular scenes. Often, what we have observed is so incredible that we can’t even begin to explain it to other people. The desire instantly arises to preserve these observations by means of pictures or movies and to share the marvels encountered during our explorations under the microscope. However, shooting pictures through a microscope is not at all simple. A considerable amount of basic knowledge is needed. This article is designed to be an introduction to shooting still pictures and film through a microscope, giving particular attention to digital imaging techniques.

Dust (en)
The dust you collect on a duster or rag while cleaning your house can be quite foul at first glance. To the contrary, observed under a microscope, dust reveals itself it to be anything but vile, composed of interesting fragments to be identified.

Microworlds (en)
How is it possible for life to sustain itself for years inside a small glass bottle? Collect a little pond water, fill half a glass bottle with it, and seal the bottle. After months or years, in that little bit of water you will see green clots, which indicate photosynthetic activity. It would be interesting to examine what life forms are present in this microworld under a microscope and to try to understand their relationships.

A Simple Stereoscopic Microscope (en)
This project lets you obtain a very good quality stereoscopic microscope. In comparison with the stereoscopic microscope I have already placed in this gallery, this model is much simpler to build. Its' fabrication is not very demanding, and it's cheap. This instrument is very useful for students and for all people who love nature, and it will open up a new world for you.

Un Semplice Microscopio Stereoscopico (it)
Si tratta di un progetto molto simile al precedente. La differenza principale sta nel fatto che questo progetto è adatto a chi sa lavorare il legno.

Un Oculare a Pupilla Alta (it)
Avete problemi di vignettature nelle vostre riprese al microscopio? Questo progetto fa per voi!


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